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Track-It Data Loggers


The Track-It™ Data Loggers are powerful, easy to use battery powered compact data loggers that record up to 64,000 samples (32,000 samples each channel) of data. There are several models to choose from; Temperature, Temperature with Relative Humidity and Pressure with Temperature. By adding one of the five "analog sidecars" to the Temperature Track-It, dc voltages and 4-20 madc signals can also be recorded. Either two dc voltages, two dc currents or a temperature with a dc signal can be recorded. Other options include with LCD Display or without LCD Display, Long Life Battery or Standard Battery.


Simply plug the data logger into the USB port on your PC and customize the settings, transfer data or view data in real time using the free Track-It Software program.



Click on link below for literature and specifications for each of the loggers: